im really sad because i hate bieng away from my cat it literally feels like half of me is missing. i mean he has his own kitty life and still loves going outside but it always felt good knowing he’d come back in and then he’d cuddle with me and sleep with me every night. and im just really sad after being home for a whole like 9 days and im going to have to leave him tomorrow and i just wish i could explain to him where i go and i think he like kinda understands i mean i know cats dont have the same concept of time as us and shit but like ugh. and i feel like he’s not going to last more than like 5 more years and i just really wish i could be there for him im so scared he’ll die when im away. or that he’ll disappear like socks did. which im still not over.. i kinda suppressed and stopped thinking about it but i really really miss him and i miss roo already and he’s not even gone but i just idk what to do about how im feeling bc it wont go away even though im trying to just enjoy spending time with him

i also dont like when people belittle owning pets or cat ladies or use “shes going to die alone with her cats” as an insult bc yea human contact is great.. if it’s the right person.. but pretty much any cat if you treat it correctly is great and loving in it’s own way and just provides a sense of companionship. ugh im just sad. and i cant take him with me bc my apartment doesnt alllow pets and he’d be miserable not being home and not being able to go outside so


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