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me too i’m so done like every single person on earth as soon as he’s mentioned just says he fucks anything that moves and it’s oBVIOUSLY NOT TRUE and idk how much more clear he can make it that he’s tired of it

even tho he’s the most gracious polite person on earth and always says he has no right to be annoyed and that it’s okay it’s just not how he is like pLS CAN EVERYONE STOP HE’S AN ANGEL

seriously it’s just so fucking frustratingggg

its the way they talk about it, as if it’s a bad thing if it were true. if he did have a lot of sex with different people that wouldn’t be a bad thing ya know. like idc if you think that. but the whole ‘oh he fucks everyone, he’s a player, he’s a bad boy’ narrative in the media is just really grating

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